About Us

About Us

Aircraft Mechanic Shirts started as a mere idea to create a few shirts for fellow aircraft mechanic friends of founder, John Janiszewski.  That simple idea has transformed into a full scale T-shirt shop offering not only shirts, but a bunch of other cool goodies like coffee mugs and we can't forget the awesome toolbox stickers.  Aircraft Mechanic Shirts have shipped packages to over 10 different countries worldwide. 

All designs are thought of and created by John himself, who still loves being able to create something from just an idea. 

Aircraft Mechanic Shirts.com is, and will always be about

  • Quality
  • Original Designs
  • Supporting Maintenance professionals worldwide

About the Owner

John Janiszewski started out wrenching in 2000 with the Army National Guard. Starting out as an engine mechanic, he soon volunteered to work on the CH47 Chinooks. He deployed to Iraq which after the deployment, soon returned as a contractor. He contracted for over 3 years in both Afghanistan and Iraq. One such contract job was supporting the Iraqi Airforce Flight School in Kirkuk Iraq

After contracting overseas, John returned home and took up a position with a local EMS helicopter maintenance company. He did that for approximately 4 years, all the while building out the Aircraft Mechanic Shirts.com company and building a clientele. In 2015, he quit his job to pursue his own business. He has since launched numerous businesses and enjoys being able to create a business from scratch.


Contact us

If you have questions, comments or suggests, please drop us a line. This includes questions regarding an order placed with us. We love hearing from our fans! 

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